Access Advertising LLC is a full service agency dedicated to the transportation industry. Whether you are looking to hire drivers or find shippers we can help.

Newspapers: The best way to recruit drivers is still through newspaper advertising, but that industry has radically changed. Access Advertising is one of North America's largest buyers of classified advertising today because we created a unique database system that allows us to rate publications based on price relative to circulation. We are able to apply the expertise we have honed since our inception in 2001 to find you drivers.

Cable: In addition to our specialized ability to determine the best cable channels for your marketing and recruitment needs, We are also able to offer cable advertising at a fraction of what it ordinarily costs because we produce and distribute your ad spots in-house. We can develop campaigns for budgets under a thousand dollars.

Radio: Access Advertising can also produce and place radio advertising for you. We specialize in multi-market ads for regional or national advertisers. As with newspaper and cable advertisers, we maintain a vast demographic database of radio station formats. We keep your costs down through in-house production.

Internet: There have been many changes in marketing and advertising since our inception in 2001. The ability to advertise on the internet has been nothing short of a revolution. This is an area where Access Advertising is able to leverage our strong statistical and analytical skills to achieve solid results.

Driver Retention and Recruitment Publications: Through our sister company, Access Publishing Group, we can develop a driver-oriented newspaper publication for you to help reduce driver turnover and motivate good drivers to stay with your company. We also invite you to review our Driver Recruitment Index (DRI), a valuable tool we created for industry recruiters, offering a weekly snapshot of the driver recruitment market.

Give us a call at 888.943.6382. We would love to discuss how our expertise and experience can be put to work for you.

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